Performance Advertising

Shifts the risk of campaign performance from the advertiser to the publishers, a method in digital marketing where the advertiser only pays for successful transactions, which can include leads, sales, or other measurable outcomes like test drives, valid credit card applications, application for home loan with a valid credit score, etc.


Automated assistant that purchases the most optimal ad spots that is both time and cost efficient while enhancing your ad’s effectiveness. It trades ad spaces in real-time by utilizing sophisticated algorithms to automate the process. to automate the media buying process



Native advertising is the digital advertising realm’s master of disguise. It adeptly merges with the platform’s existing content, ensuring it fits right in with the user’s browsing journey. Instead of presenting as interruptive or out-of-place ads, native advertisements mirror the platform’s style and content creating a flawless experience.

Mobile DSP

To enable managing of multiple ad exchanges and data exchanges accounts through a single interface. A centralized tool for buying mobile ad inventory, simplifying the process and allowing for real-time, data-driven decisions to be made, which can maximize the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Content Arbitrage

Following the creative process of content arbitrage, content strategy is utilized to identify, repurpose & distribute valuable content to maximize the digital impact. This enhancement is strategically placed to drive engagement and is provided through content management solutions tailored to unique requirements to streamline workflow and achieve marketing goals. This is achieved through our 500+ inhouse content platforms maintained on a regular basis to specifically cater to our clients’ requirements.

Youtube Automation

Generating and managing YouTube channels by outsourcing various parts of the process such as content creation, editing, and channel management.

Social Media

An approach where advertising campaigns are designed, executed, and evaluated based on the ROAS metric. The aim is to maximize the return on every dollar spent on social media ads.


Maximizing audience’s reach and engagement with the help of AI applied in different tech platforms like – 


Influencer Marketing

The trendiest form of marketing which is specifically curated to give your brand a power edge in the digital landscape. This is done through building and connecting influential personalities, creating impactful collaborations, executing result-driven campaigns and achieving brand goals.

Growth Marketing

Experts specializing in strategy, experience and performance who dedicatedly create deeply connected brands, services, and campaigns to enable stable and successful relationships between businesses and customers.

Content Platforms

Explore DangleAds’ Inhouse Content Platforms

Little You Know

Little you know is an all-in-one space covering all aspects of life from lifestyle, wellness, fashion to travel, food, retail and more!

Vogue Fiesta

Vogue fiesta is a blogging website that empowers all with guides, stories and experiences related to fashion, beauty, skincare & wellness.


Wealthyfi.me is dedicated to helping people take control of the financial aspect of their lives with guides, news, and information.

Explorer Saga

An ultimate travel blogging website inclusive of all that your wandering soul needs to travel in comfort
and style.

Knowledge Bud

An educational website to empower every individual with information, learning and knowledge to help you grow and succeed.


SportsDab.com is a sports blogging website that offers sports news, guides, and top events happening across all the world.

Fitness Pangea

An ultimate blogging website to empower everyone to become physically, mentally, and emotionally fit with guides and information.

True Mommy Instinct

A blogging website for expert tips, relatable stories, and practical strategies that empower you to thrive on your parenting journey.


A gaming blogging website for news and updates to in-depth game reviews, expert guides, and gaming hacks.

Drive Wonders

A specially curated automobile website covering all that one needs to know about cars, motorcycles, trucks, technology, etc.

Billionaires Dime

Billionaire Dime is an ultimate destination for everything related to cryptocurrency, bitcoin and


A comparison website that provides the comparative analysis of everything including tech, travel, automobile, education, and more.


A cricket blogging website where we not only report on cricket but also live it, breathe it, and celebrate it alongside you.

Fashionme and you

A community of fashion enthusiasts and stay updated on the hottest fashion news, beauty insights, and lifestyle trends.

Shop is my life

A one-stop shop to explore the latest trends, tips, and tricks to elevate your fashion game.

My love for gadgets

Explore the dynamic world of everything tech as we unravel the intricacies of servers, gadgets and much more.

Crunchy Element

A treasure trove of diverse cuisines, each recipe meticulously crafted to inspire your inner chef.


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