Welcome Advertisers!

DangleAds understands the significance of reaching your target audience effectively and driving profitable results for your business. We are thrilled to associate with Global advertisers advertisers and mutually serve the digital advertising industry.

Benefits of partnering with DangleAds

Expertise in Media Buying
Our team’s extensive knowledge on media buying helps curate specific campaign objectives and achieve successful results for advertisers.
Audience Segmentation & Fraud Management
We use audience segmentation for enhanced targeting and ensuring integrity is maintained.
Delivery of Mobile/Desktop Campaigns
Our expertise is based on performance-driven metrics which ensures that every campaign delivers a measurable ROI.
Programmatic Engine and Onboarded SSPs (DSPs)
Our programmatic platforms allow accumulation of various SSPs onto a single platform streamlining the campaign management process.
Vast structured inventory of high-quality publishers
We provide a vast inventory of top-quality publishers as required to reach your targeted audience efficiently.
Efficient targeting and delivery
We prioritize a data driven approach with the help of our analytical tools to track campaign performance metrics.
Data-Driven Decision Making
We provide utmost transparency and visibility in terms of tools and channels being utilized to track and drive the campaign.
Streamlined campaign management
We help you elevate your advertising efforts with our specially curated media plans for successful campaigns.


Some of the renowned brands that we have partnered with -


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